We thrive on new and unusual ideas. Bringing unique concept designs together and working through logistical challenges is what we do best.
Have an idea that no one else has been able to do?
We will review all possible angles and let you know if its feasible.


  • Arched cedar bridge

  • Treehouses
  • Timber frame cabins
  • Remote beach access’s. Timber, stone, landscape, stone etc
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Zip lines
  • Remote viewing platforms
  • Logistically challenged buildings and custom projects
  • Cantilever decks over cliffs and bodies of water
  • Architectural custom details
  • Decorative timber frame
  • $1000+ per sq ft custom wall finishes
  • Assembling and installation of custom fixtures in access of $100,000.00 ie. light fixtures and custom made decorative tops
  • Prep for the highest priced finishes and installation prep and coordination. Ie, tile, wallpaper, custom art pieces, decorative finishes.
  • Build and install custom high end art type fixtures. Lamps, light fixtures, art pieces, cabinets, assorted room features and fixtures from assorted materials. Logs, beach wood, rock and stone.